Peta Wyeth is a Professor at QUT. She has been teaching and researching in games for the past 10 years. Her educational research focuses on work integrated learning and studio teaching.

Josh Hall is the customer solutions manager at Bondi Labs, leading all customer engagement, research and end-user design related to simulation training and serious game products. Josh has a PhD from QUT.

Marcus Carter is a Lecturer in Digital Cultures at The University of Sydney, where he teaches introductory and interdisciplinary undergraduate and postgraduate courses on game design and game studies.

April Tyack is a PhD student at QUT. Her doctoral research is situated at the intersection of Self-Determination Theory, videogame play, and wellbeing. She currently teaches into two games studio units.

Roger Altizer is an Associate Professor at the University of Utah. He teaches graduate and undergraduate videogame theory, design, and development courses, predominately employing project-based techniques.